Individuals and Families

Life is full of unexpected events, new opportunities, career transitions and revised goals. As your life evolves, you can’t be expected to follow a boilerplate approach to your finances. We developed our approach to financial planning and investment management with one thing in mind – planning for the life you want. It’s driven by your needs, goals and risk tolerance.

Everyone has different values, especially when it comes to their finances. There is no single solution or recommendation that works for all circumstances. Thinking about your investments in a single frame of reference can lead to poor decisions and poor advice. We created the Protect, Maintain and Enhance (PME) model with these differences in mind. Using our approach, we can help you develop targeted financial strategies.

Protecting Your Basic Standard Of Living

Protect is about managing the risks during your working years. This may seem overly basic for individuals who are interested in “wealth management”, but it would be imprudent to not examine the foundation of your financial plan. Just as a medical doctor examines your vitals before diving into the crux of your illness, we want to make sure there are no cracks in your financial foundation before moving on to more complex issues. Cash flow, liquidity, basic risk management and basic estate planning are some of the topics we examine in this area.

Maintaining Your Lifestyle In Retirement

Maintain is about managing the risks related to setting up your nest egg for retirement. You’ve probably imagined what your dream retirement scenario looks like. Whether it’s buying that beach house you’ve always wanted, packing up and traveling the world, hitting the golf course every day, or settling down near loved ones, it’s our goal to turn your retirement dream into reality.

The question on most everyone’s mind is, “how much should I save for retirement?” We know there is not one answer to this question. If inflation did not exist, you might not need to invest your savings to meet your retirement goals. You could simply save and/or insure the appropriate amount. The more you need your investments to assist in meeting your goals, the higher your chance of missing your goals due to market risks. In other words, you are increasing your reliance on factors outside of your control. We help clients create and assess their goals pertaining to retirement and investing in the markets with the objective of increased chance of success. Risk tolerance, savings projections, and accessing the global markets are some of the topics we examine in this section. No matter what your life stage, we can help you plan today for a better tomorrow.

Enhancing Your Lifestyle And/Or Creating A Legacy

Enhance is about managing the risks related to becoming wealthy and enhancing others’ lives. Our mission here is to help you figure out what risks are worth taking, putting the big picture into perspective. If you plan well, you may not have to take on as much risk to succeed in the Protect and Maintain models. However, to truly enhance your wealth you need to take meaningful risk (and maybe even have some good luck). Once you’ve achieved the wealth you desire a new set of potential goals and issues can arise. It’s important to assess these specific goals and put plans in place to monitor them. Business ownership, concentrated investment risk, advanced estate planning and charitable giving are some of the topics we examine in this section.

Whether you are just starting to think about organizing your financial life, ready to take the next steps, or want to evaluate your current financial plan, we’re here to help.