Business Owners

For many business owners, their business is their largest asset. With this, many spend time building a financial plan for their company, which we understand is vital for stability and longevity. But what about planning for your personal assets like your long-range retirement, estate, and wealth transfer planning?

The life of a business owner is complicated. Oftentimes, personal financial planning for business owners takes a backseat to corporate planning. This lost time can be costly. Our job is to provide business owners proper and timely planning so their personal and business financial goals are met.

Here’s What We Help Answer For Business Owners

How do I make the most of my business’ benefits package?

What do I do with my business when I want to retire?

How do I protect my personal assets from a problem with my business?

What will happen to my business if I pass away prematurely?

Our Services

  • Retirement plan optimization.

  • Key person insurance*.

  • Diversification of assets.

  • Succession planning.

  • Estate planning.

  • Buy/Sell agreements.

  • Risk management.

*Employees and Investment Advisor Representatives (IARs) may be licensed to sell insurance and be approved to do so as an Outside Business Activity (OBA). AresFC is not an insurance agency/brokerage nor does it receive any commission/fees for
insurance based activities.

Whether you are just starting to think about organizing your financial life, ready to take the next steps, or want to evaluate your current financial plan, we’re here to help.